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Tamara Hughes

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

license #18705

phone (541) 521-5576  

Mission Statement

  • I believe that we are social beings and need caring, non-biased touch to help us live our lives to their full potential. Unfortunately, as a society I feel that we are gradually losing this vital part of being human, often resulting in stress as well as emotional and physical pain.

  • I wish to help bring touch back into our society in a way that is considerate, genuine and safe.

  • I want to help make massage therapy more accessible and less intimidating to those who may not have tried massage before, as well as supply a comfortable and effective approach to those who may have had more massage experience.

  • My ultimate goal is to provide a professional and comfortable massage experience that allows my clients to facilitate their own healing and renew their emotional and physical well-being.

    -Tamara Hughes, LMT