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"Tamara is an extremely talented and caring professional! I have experienced massage by numerous professionals over the years for chronic pain resulting from an auto accident and neck surgery 17 years ago, along with stress that comes from a busy work and travel schedule. I highly recommend Tamara! She actively listens, asks questions to address my personal concerns, and provides treatment and lifestyle suggestions that have improved my neck and back pain and fatigue. She provides materials and instruction for at-home stretches and relaxation to help between visits as well. Beyond all of this, Tamara follows up with me after every massage to see how I am feeling, and will check in with me if it has been awhile since my last visit. I am truly grateful for Tamara as my personal massage therapist!"

-Stacy R.

"I had my first ever massage with Tamara. I was a little apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. Tamara put me at ease by explaining the process and was very professional. I highly recommend Tamara for your massage, you won't regret it."

-Scott S.

"It was all great, but particularly the attention paid to my neck. It has been long time since my last massage. I forgot, or perhaps never experienced, how relaxing a massage can be. My neck (where I collect stress) feels better than it has for a long time! Loved getting stretches to use between massages"


"I've been receiving massage therapy for TMJ pain, muscle pain in my upper right arm, and general tension in my neck and shoulders. Tamara's massage techniques have helped reduce the TMJ pain dramatically, and I can feel the difference elsewhere. She has also given me some home remedies I can use to help maintain the positive results. Tamara's methods are thorough and she attends to patient tolerance each step of the way. I highly recommend Tamara to anyone looking for the relaxing--and therapeutic--effects of massage therapy."

-Phyllis Nissila

"I loved the pillow & eye cover and the massage felt wonderful...Tamara has a gifted touch, a professional demeanor, and a calming presence."

-Anne Vander Naald

"I experience Tamara as a gracious and conscientious individual. She cares deeply about the needs and wishes of her clients and is very willing to go the extra mile and partner with her clients in achieving their health care goals. I enjoy her insight and admire her compassion".

-J. Locke, LCC Massage Program Instructor

“I have always had an exceptional experience with Tamara. She is very professional and thorough. She has always made me feel very comfortable and listened to my needs. Every service I have had from her has been outstanding."

-Nichole Davis

"The first time I went to Tamara for a massage was the first massage I've ever had. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but came away from the experience completely revived. I work at a computer all day and get really tense in my neck and shoulders. After my massage I was completely relaxed and my neck and shoulders felt great! Right away Tamara put me at ease. After my first massage with Tamara I was sold and couldn't wait for the next time I would be able to set an appointment."

-Cody Neilson

"I have had the opportunity to enjoy Tamara as my student in Lane's Massage Program and have found her to be a very detail-oriented, hard-working, and highly considerate person. I have no doubt that she will bring these fine character traits and all of the other positive qualities she possesses to bear in her massage practice. I would absolutely recommend her as your massage therapist!"

-Lawrence Birch, LCC Massage Program Instructor

"(The massage) was very relaxing. You did a great job. The pressure, comfort, and overall experience were excellent. Thank you!"

-Kathryn W. (used with permission from comment card)

"I just had a massage from my sister-in law Tamara Hughes and I feel incredible!. I have to be honest, the first few massages I had from Tamara when she was first learning were just so so. I am here to say that Tamara has become an amazing LMT and I would encourage anyone who is interested in an extremely relaxing, rejuvenating,healing and yes, affordable massage,to give her a jingle. I will be coming back for my massages! Guaranteed."

-Stephen Hughes (via Facebook)

"My favorite part of my massage was the neck work. (Tamara also) made me feel very comfortable was very professional. Tamara is awesome! Thank you!"

-Courtney Harris (used with permission from comment card)

"My favorite part of my massage was the detailed attention to my back. (She) really listened to what I wanted...the experience was wonderful."

-Stina Jochems (used with permission from comment card)

"My favorite part of my massage was the shoulder/back and neck. The pressure, comfort and overall experience were excellent".

-Kya Groves (used with permission from comment card)

"Thank you for a wonderful massage! You have extremely intuitive hands and a healing touch. I truly appreciate what you give. It made me feel very good."

-Therese Bauer

"My favorite part of the massage was the feet & arms (neck too). Tamara was awesome--very professional."

-Anonymous (used with permission from comment card)